7 Tips To Attain Concentration in Salah

﷽ Many people complain about and express concern over not having concentration in Salaah, and truly this is a dilemma that we all face on a daily basis. Salaah without concentration is like a body without a soul, thus we must continuously make the effort to acquire it in our Salaah. The following are a … Continue reading 7 Tips To Attain Concentration in Salah

Unspoken Masalas of Salah

﷽ Salaah is the greatest Ibaadah in Islam, and it is a chance to communicate and connect to Allah in the most profound of ways, in a manner which is not possible out of Salaah. Thus, a true Mumin should restlessly look forward to the next opportunity to stand in front of the True Beloved. … Continue reading Unspoken Masalas of Salah

Very Important But Ignored Mas’alas

بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم Salah : Stoping at Qawmah and Jalsah positions for the duration of  one Subhaana Rabbiyal Adheem Today, forget any other Ibaadat, the most basic Ibaadat, Namaaz, has such a great lacking. It is so sad to see the attitude of the Muslim Ummah with regards to this greatest pillar of Islam. … Continue reading Very Important But Ignored Mas’alas