PDF: The Misconceptions & Innovations Concerning The Month of Rabiul Awwal

Eleventh Malfuz

﷽  He says,  This sickness can be seen in all types of people whether they are the common man, or those who hold some type of position in Deen... In other words, every type of person has this sickness, it is spread in everyone. And what is this sickness that he is referring to? Everyone … Continue reading Eleventh Malfuz

Tenth Malfuz

﷽ Hadhrat Thanvi Rahmatullahi Alayh said, While I was still a student in the Darul Uloom Deoband, a fear overcame me... After Maghrib, I presented myself in the Khidmat of Hadhrat Maulana Muhammad Ya'qub Nanotwi Rahmatullahi Alayh (who was his Ustaadh, a very very great Wali of Allah and the senior most Ustaadh in Deoband … Continue reading Tenth Malfuz

Ninth Malfuz

﷽ It has been narrated by Hadhrat Thanvi Rahmatullahi Alayh that, Hadhrat Thanvi Rahmatullahi Alayh had kept a certain thing in a certain specific place. Someone came and used that thing and then kept it somewhere else. Hadhrat Thanvi Rahmatullahi Alayh had to look for it and encountered a bit of difficulty and Takleef in looking … Continue reading Ninth Malfuz

Eighth Malfuz

﷽ Hadhrat Thanvi Rahmatullahi Alayh said, "Without Talab e Saadiq (true sincere Talab) and Khuluus (Ikhlaas), nothing can happen and neither can a person reach the desired destination which is the objective.It is these two things;• Talab e Saadiq (sincere Talab)• Khuluus which make that work (those things which are outwardly difficult) that make it easy … Continue reading Eighth Malfuz

Seventh Malfuz

﷽ Hadhrat Hakeemul Ummat Mujaddidul Millat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi Rahmatullahi Alayh said, 'These days there is this sickness as well where a person says, 'my mouth is not worthy of making any Dua.A person came and told me the same thing. So I asked him, 'do you perform Namaz, do you recite the Kalimah?'He … Continue reading Seventh Malfuz

5 Important Duas For Protection

﷽ The very important lesson that we learn from the Aayaat of Surah Yusuf is that we should always fear and be scared with regards to ourselves because there is no guarantee that we are going to stay upon Haqq until our last breath. Hearts are in the control of Allah and this is what … Continue reading 5 Important Duas For Protection

Sixth Malfuz

﷽ He said once, 'I did not do anything without the permission of my Buzurgaane Deen (my elders) to this extent that even when I left my work (place of employment) it was based on what my Buzurgaane Deen told me.This is the same advice which I have to my friends and to those who … Continue reading Sixth Malfuz

PDF: The Reality & Lessons of Ashura

Fifth Malfuz

﷽ Hadhrat Thanvi Rahmatullahi Alayh is mentioning with regards to his Shaykh - Hadhrat Haji Imdaadullah Muhajire Makki Rahmatullahi Alayh and he says about him that,  'The reason for so much spiritual benefit and Nur which spread out all over the world, conveyed and transferred to others from Hadhrat Haji Sahib Rahmatullahi Alayh was all … Continue reading Fifth Malfuz