Talab And Adab For Allah

On days like Black Friday, people are ready to stand on their feet in long queues from 12:00 midnight onwards just to get a few things of Dunya…The same people would never get up for Fajr to perform 4 rakaats of Fajr; 2 Sunnats and 2 Fardh…

To perform two Rakaats of Tahajud, they will not get up but to seek a few things of Dunya which are being sold not for free, but at a cheaper price, they are ready to stand outside the shop the entire night. Just so they can be the first ones to get into the shop and buy whatever they want before it gets bought by others…

We are not talking about the Kuffar, but Muslims. In doing so they blacken themselves…

That is why it is called Black Friday…

A day of Nur, when they were supposed to illuminate themselves for the Nur of Allah Ta’ala.

For those things people are ready….

This is how far we are from seeking Allah Ta’ala because we do not know Allah Ta’ala due to lacking Talab and Adab for Allah Ta’ala. The Azamat, Greatness and reverence for Allah Ta’ala is not present in our hearts. Haalake (Whereas), Allah Ta’ala Himself is our greatest Ne’mat. The fact that we have Allah Ta’ala is the greatest of all Nemat’s…

When we are not going to have Adab for Allah Ta’ala then how will the Adab for Makhlooq be developed?

—Hadhrat Maulana Aarif Umar (Daamat Barakaatuhum)

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