Eleventh Malfuz


He says, 

This sickness can be seen in all types of people whether they are the common man, or those who hold some type of position in Deen…

In other words, every type of person has this sickness, it is spread in everyone.

And what is this sickness that he is referring to?

Everyone has the worry and concern for the Islaah of others but there is no Fikr for themselves.

We do not have the worry about ourselves, about our own Islaah and our own reformation.

He is giving us an example to understand. He says,

On one side, if you were to see flies constantly coming and sitting on someone, troubling someone then if you were to object that while at the same time worms or maggots have entered your body and they are eating up the inside of your body, then what could be said if we were to do such a thing?

On one side, we have something which is much worse but we object against the flies sitting on someone? In other words, we have objections against the flies sitting on someone and we consider that person to be in need of help because there are flies flying around him and sitting on him, but we forget the worms and the maggots which have entered inside our bodies and are eating us up from inside and we do not consider ourselves to be in need of help despite the fact that our Haal is worse than theirs. But we will object against them and we will feel that they need help and they need their Islaah to be done while forgetting that our Islaah also needs to be done and in fact much more than the Islaah of others.

He said,

Once, my maternal uncle told me something which was very important and beneficial…He said that, ‘it shouldn’t be that in trying to protect and take care of the shoes of others, you lose your own bundle; your own luggage, things and possessions.

These days this is exactly what is happening, that we have no worry and Fikr for ourselves, but we have Fikr for everyone else. And it is due to this very same reason that Islaah does not happen and a person does not reform himself. (He is not reformed, rectified, and his Islaah is not done). If every person were to get consumed with the worry of his own Islaah, then very quickly each person’s Islaah would be done. So our Islaah is not being done today because we have no Fikr for our own Islaah; we have the Fikr for the Islaah of other people.

In this Malfuz, Hadhrat Thanvi Rahmatullahi Alayh has highlighted a very dangerous sickness and this dangerous sickness stems from pride – from considering ourselves to be better than others.

We have Fikr for other people but not ourselves, we have Fikr for the Deen of other people, we do not have the Fikr for our own Deen.

We worry about the Imaan of others, we forget about our own Imaan.

This is a sickness which has spread out and affected almost everyone. It is again due to the root sickness of pride because we consider ourselves not in need of Islaah while considering others to be in need.

That is why there is no Fikr for our own Islaah and there is Fikr for others.

That is why we make the effort to spread the Deen in the four corners of the world but we forget to spread Deen in the four corners of our own house and in the four corners of our own body.

And we feel that having the Fikr for the Islaah of other people is the greatest level of piety and  having that Fikr also simply puts a person beyond having to make the Fikr for himself. In other words, in making the Fikr for the Islaah of other people, a person’s Islaah is already being done or has already been done. That is why the title of this Malfuz is, ‘Duusron ki Fikr se apni Islaah nahi hoti’ – A person cannot rectify himself through having the Fikr of the Islaah of other people.

This is the reason why a person is involved in the effort of Islaah. 

He may even be connected to a Shaykh, or he is connected to a Shaykh but he is more worried about the Islaah of other people, the Fikr for his own Islaah is not there and that is why his Islaah does not happen.

Another example we can give is that, ‘we are worried about someone who has got a flu, while at the same time we have cancer and we are not worried about it.’

That is our Haal today.

We are worried about the flu of others while we forget our own cancer because we consider ourselves to be immune and beyond any such thing and that it is only other people who are sick; it is only other people who are in need of Islaah and reformation.

What Hadhrat Thanvi Rahmatullahi Alayh’s Mama (maternal uncle) has said, ‘in trying to protect the shoes of other people, we lose everything of our own.’ In other words, we are trying to run after something small of other people but we lose everything of ours in the process. In other words, in trying to make Fikr and worry about the Deen of others, we lose our own Deen in the process and that is not something which any person in his right mind and either a sound temperament would do.

But today we are doing it…

We are losing our own Deen while worrying about saving the Deen of others!

If we are going to do that, then we will lose our own Deen in the process and we will not be able to rectify and reform the Deen of others. It is not possible to help others while losing out on everything from our side. So this is something which we really need to have Fikr and ponder over that, ‘we need to have Fikr for our own Islaah first. Our own Islaah comes first.’

When everyone is going to have Fikr for their own Islaah, then every person’s Islaah will get done very quickly.

This is what Hadhrat Thanvi Rahmatullahi Alayh says and it is a very serious sickness where we are always worried about the Deen of other people and we forget about our own spiritual Haal and the spiritual sicknesses which plague us.

May Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala grant us the Tawfiq and the ability to make Fikr for ourselves first and for our own Islaah, Inshallahu Ta’ala.

—Hadhrat Maulana Arif Umar (Daamat Barakaatuhum)

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