Eighth Malfuz

Hadhrat Thanvi Rahmatullahi Alayh said,

“Without Talab e Saadiq (true sincere Talab) and Khuluus (Ikhlaas), nothing can happen and neither can a person reach the desired destination which is the objective.

It is these two things;

• Talab e Saadiq (sincere Talab)

• Khuluus 

which make that work (those things which are outwardly difficult) that make it easy and enable a person to reach the destination.

We need to bring into us these two things, and it is after that when the Manzil e Maqsuud (the destination which is the objective) is very close and therefore a person will be able to reach it very easily and quickly.”

In this Malfuz, Hadhrat Thanvi Rahmatullahi Alayh talks about two qualities;

  1. Talab e Saadiq 
  2. Ikhlaas 

We have mentioned and discussed both of these things before and it is not something new.

  • Talab e Saadiq means sincere Talab and to have a sincere zeal and sincere thirst for Allah and for the Deen of Allah.

It is the sincere thirst to progress, to learn, to improve, to change and to reform.

It is for a person to sincerely seek Allah as Talab means to ‘seek for something’, or to ‘look for something.’

Therefore it is to look for Allah, to seek Allah, to truly and sincerely search for Allah.

  • Ikhlaas – focusing only and only on Allah, having sincerety in intention.

So he is saying about these two qualities that they are so important that without them, nothing can happen and be achieved.

There can be no progress, no improvement and no change without these two things and as a result of that, a person will never be able to reach the destination, the objective; he will never be able to reach Allah and connect with Allah.

He says, when a person is going to have these two qualities, then those feats, those efforts and that work which outwardly appears to be something very difficult or perhaps impossible but when a person has Talabe Saadiq and Ikhlaas, then the work and effort becomes easy and a person is able to reach his destination.

All a person has to do is to bring these two qualities in and the destination is very close.

This is something which is quite clear and easy for us to understand.

If a person truly does not want something then he is not going to make a sincere and concerted effort to get that thing. For example, a person does not have Talab e Saadiq for money, then he is not going to get up early in the morning. If he has to get to work at 8 in the morning, he then has to wake up at 6 or 7, but if he is not going to have Talab e Saadiq then he is not going to wake up. But because he has the true Talab (Talab e Saadiq) for money and he understands what needs to be done as he wants it, then he is ready to make that effort. If it means working till late, he is ready to make that effort because he wants that money. If he didn’t want the money then he would not make that effort. The effort which he is making is for the money. He has got Ikhlaas in that; his Niyyat is the money and he is not doing it for something else. So in as far as Dunya is concerned, we have these two qualities and that is why people get Dunya and they understand the need to have these two qualities. A person cannot become wealthy and rich by sleeping. He has to make the effort.

But when it comes to Deen then our Talab is cold…

There is no Talab e Saadiq, that is why there is no effort, and when there is no effort then a person is not going to reach his destination. The Mushaqqat and Mujahadah which is required can only be done when there is Talab e Saadiq. For example, if a person’s destination and objective is to reach Nairobi, he is going to make an effort to do that. He normally sleeps after Fajr, but if it means that he has to leave Mombasa after Fajr by car, because he wants to reach Nairobi, he is going to go through the strain of driving for so many hours and he is going to bear the cost of the petrol that is required to get to Nairobi.


It is because the Talab is there to get to Nairobi. 

If he didn’t want to get there, then he wouldnt go through all this. A person will not be able to reach Nairobi without Mujahada. He will do it because he wants to get there.

If we want Wilayat and reach Allah, the end point and the highest level of the Awliyaa e Siddiqeen, that will require effort and a person will only do it when he truly wants it. This really applies to us in the Haal we are in because our Talab is cold and therefore we are not ready to make the effort.

So a person is connected to a Shaykh and understands what Islaah is all about and that he needs to reform himself, but there is no effort!

The day to day effort, the Fikr, the Talab is not there!

It is like when a person feels like then he will make a little bit of effort and when he doesn’t then he won’t.

That is not Talab e Saadiq – You don’t really want Wilayat and Allah then!

These two qualities are extremely important.

It is not possible that ‘I have Talab e Saadiq for one day and the next day I don’t.’ It has to be a continuous thing. If you want something, then you will want it for every moment. It is not that you want it for one moment and not the other. That means that you are not serious about it. If you don’t want something at certain times then you are not serious or not actually interested about that thing.

Talab e Saadiq is something which stays all the time when a person is at home or when he isn’t, when a person is involved in his business or he has gone for a holiday, the Talab e Saadiq is always there. But today we see the Ghaflat how seasonal we have become, and being seasonal sometimes  is in this way that when the Shaykh is in front of us then we will show that, ‘Ohoo we have got a lot of Talab e Saadiq and we want to do this and we want to do that’, and when the Shaykh goes then Khalaas…everything is gone, end of story, we don’t know who came and who went…

There is nothing.

This is the Haal today.

We don’t keep the Talab up and are not sincere in what we want and then there is no Ikhlaas.

In other words, even if we do something, it is not sincerely for ourselves; it is not sincerely to reach Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala and it is for some other reason.

Ikhlaas is a big problem especially in this effort which we are in.

When these two things are going to be there, that is when everything will become easy for us; the difficult will become easy and we will be able to reach the destination and that is Allah.

Today we are connected but we are not moving; we are not going anywhere and we are stuck because of the lack of these two things.

May Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala grant all of us these two qualities.

May Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala grant all of us Talab e Saadiq to truly and sincerely seek Allah and to truly and sincerely seek Wilayat with everything that we have, and May Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala grant us Ikhlaas in that.

—Hadhrat Maulana Arif Umar (Daamat Barakaatuhum)

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