Seventh Malfuz

Hadhrat Hakeemul Ummat Mujaddidul Millat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi Rahmatullahi Alayh said,

‘These days there is this sickness as well where a person says, ‘my mouth is not worthy of making any Dua.

A person came and told me the same thing. So I asked him, ‘do you perform Namaz, do you recite the Kalimah?’

He said, ‘yes, I do.’

I told him, ‘If you are worthy of Namaz, and you are worthy of Roza (fasting), you are worthy of reciting the Kalimah, then why are you not worthy of making Dua?

These are all the deceptive attacks of Shaytaan and he wants to keep us deprived of making Dua and the problem of the Nafs is that it doesn’t want to do anything or any work.

That is why the Nafs presents and removes an excuse; in other words, to wiggle away from doing that work.”

This is a very important Malfuz because we all hear such things. 

We come across such people or perhaps many of us say the same things.

I have personally heard people saying this when we ask them to make Dua for us.

It has happened when I ask someone to make Dua for me and the person replied, ‘my mouth is not worthy of making Dua, I am not worthy of making Dua, where will my Duas be accepted, how will I make Dua for you…’

This is very wrong and is the sickness which Hadhrat Thanvi Rahmatullahi Alayh is trying to point us towards.

People say, ‘my mouth is not worthy, my mouth and tongue is dirty so I cannot make Dua and my Dua will not be accepted because I am a sinful person.’

So Hadhrat Thanvi Rahmatullahi Alayh replied in a very logical and clear answer to one such person who said this.

He asked him, 

‘Do you perform Namaz? Do you recite the Kalimah?

When you are performing Namaz, reciting the Kalimah, keeping Roza and you are obviously considering yourself to be worthy and Qaabil of doing all this, then isn’t Namaz Dua?

What is the Kalimah?

It is the greatest Dhikr of all.

When you consider yourself to be worthy of doing all of that, then how can you consider yourself to not be worthy of making Dua?

In fact just the statement itself, ‘I am not worthy of making Dua’ is so self contradictory because when a person says, ‘I am so sinful to make Dua and my Duas will not be accepted’ is the one who has to make the most Dua and has to beg Allah the most for His Mercy and for Allah’s forgiveness.

But the Ajeeb thing is, ‘he is the one who is saying he is not worthy of making Dua, how is that possible?’

He said,

‘These are the attacks of Shaytaan; Shaytaan simply wants us to not make Dua. He wants to deprive us and keep us away from making Dua and that is why he tells us all such things.

And of course his accomplice, partner and his boss – the Nafs which is there to make all types of excuses, it doesn’t want to do anything or any work so this is like an excuse taught to the Nafs by Shaytaan that, ‘I am not worthy of making Dua…’

Dua is the most fundamental part of the daily life of a Mu’min.

How much do we need to make Dua?

How many minutes do we need to spend in a day in making Dua and begging Allah?

As we have mentioned before also, today this is one Amal which we have really slacked in…

We hardly make Dua!

Before, people used to atleast make a bit of Dua after Namaz. Today even that is gone!

People today don’t even want to make Dua after Namaz despite the fact that they know they should be making Dua after Namaz and that is the time of acceptance, but they don’t!

We need to start making Dua. We need to increase the time that we spend in making Dua.

This is something which we need to greatly improve on; it is to make Dua with Lajaajat.

To make Dua with Lajaajat means, to make Dua with utmost humility and in a way that we Beg and Beseech Allah and not just rattling off a few Duas which we have memorized where our mind and attention is not there.


We need to Beg Allah, Beseech Allah, Plead to Allah, Cry to Allah, and if not cry then atleast to make the face of a crying person.

This is how we need to make Dua more and more during the day.

May Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala grant us all the Tawfiq of this.

May Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala make it easy for all of us, Inshallah Ta’ala.

—Hadhrat Maulana Arif Umar (Daamat Barakaatuhum)

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