Sixth Malfuz

He said once,

‘I did not do anything without the permission of my Buzurgaane Deen (my elders) to this extent that even when I left my work (place of employment) it was based on what my Buzurgaane Deen told me.

This is the same advice which I have to my friends and to those who are connected to me, ‘whatever you want to do. first ask the Buzurg, your elders, Masha’ikh and your Shaykh and this becomes a reason and a cause for a lot of Barkat to come in that work.

This trend of the sickness being self opinionated which has come about today is destroying people to this extent that ‘being self opinionated has destroyed, spoilt and contaminated even big and great people.’

It is extremely necessary to completely stay away from being self opinionated!

We have talked about being self opinionated before; not bothering to ask anyone and especially not consulting and seeking the Mashwerah one’s Shaykh and doing what we feel like doing.

Hadhrat Thanvi Rahmatullahi Alayh has explained to us here in a very emphatic manner that ‘to be self opinionated is to open the door for destruction’ and this is something which we can observe, see and experience ourselves.

He says,

‘Forget anyone else, I myself do not do anything without the permission of my Buzurgs, my elders and my Masha’ikh…’

Who is saying this?

It is Hadhrat Thanvi Rahmatullahi Alayh!

In other words, despite Hadhrat Thanvi Rahmatullahi Alayh being on such a high and lofty level is saying about himself that, ‘I don’t do anything without getting Ijazat first to the extent of leaving my place of employment, I only left after the Mashwerah of my elders…’

He says,

‘This is the advice and the Mashwerah that I give to all those who are connected to me, that ‘don’t do anything without asking and if we are going to follow this and ask before doing anything, then in that work, effort, regardless of what it is, it may be very mundane and we may feel it is something insignificant, there will be a lot of Barkat, but if we follow our own opinion then there is no Barkat in the step and decision that we have taken.

But if we were to ask our Shaykh for example, and he gave us an opinion and we made Amal on it, then there is going to be Barkat even if you end up doing exactly the same thing.’

In other words, if you do something and you feel that it is a good thing to do and that is your opinion and you do not bother to consult your Shaykh about it; you go ahead and do it, there will be no Barkat in it!

But had you asked your Shaykh and he would have perhaps given the same opinion that ‘yes, you should go ahead with this’, but there would be Barkat despite you having done the same thing.

It is because you did it after asking as opposed to doing it without asking.

This is the importance of asking.

He says,

‘Today being self opinionated is the trend which has come up…’

He is talking about his Zamaana. Imagine he is saying about the trend of being self opinionated coming up and destroying people, then can you imagine the Haal today?

He is complaining about people being self opinionated, what about today?

What would he say if he were to see us where everything is ‘my opinion, my life is my opinion, my life is my decision, my life is what I want to do and feel is right…’, and there is no question of coming and asking someone, or making Mashwerah and then following it…

This is why we have so many problems today!

We need to stay away from this sickness!

It is a virus and it stems from pride…

The root is pride!

When a person has pride and considers himself to be something; Kibr and Ujb, the result of these two sister sicknesses is that a person is self opinionated and is not going to ask anyone because he feels that he is someone and something and therefore does what he feels like doing and sadly, this is what we find today.

A person is connected to a Shaykh, what is the Shaykh for?

It is for us to go and ask him at every step, to take his guidance, to consult him, ‘this is what I intend to do, is it ok, please tell me, should I do this or not, is there a problem…’, and he does that even if it is a mundane and small thing, but today, despite being connected to a Shaykh, we do what we feel like doing.

If it were to come to that and somehow the Shaykh gets to know either when a person does not ask him and the Shaykh finds out from somewhere else, ‘that my certain Mureed is intending to do this’, and then the Shaykh tells the Mureed, ‘don’t do this’, the Mureed simply ignores because he has already made his decision and doesn’t want to listen to anyone because he doesn’t want to be subservient to anyone as his Qiblah and focus is himself and his Nafs is not going to allow him to lower himself and accept the Rai and the opinion of the Shaykh, forget anyone else…

Or if in the instance where the Mureed does ask the Shaykh and he gives his Rai, but the Mureed still goes ahead and does what he wants…

Today, a Shaykh doesn’t know what is happening in his Mureeds life because the Mureed doesn’t tell him or consult him regarding anything and the Shaykh gets to hear from other people, this is the type of connection we have with our Shaykh…

How are we going to benefit and progress then?

Till when are we going to let this pride of ours destroy us?

Till when are we going to let this sickness of being self opinionated destroy us?

The whole point is Inqiyaadh – to lower and humble ourselves in front of our Shsykh and to make Amal on what we are told and not to do what we want to do.

We have a Shaykh because we don’t know what to do and that is why he is our spiritual guide.

He is the one who is going to guide us and tell us what is right and what is wrong…

This is what we need to start doing today!

We need to make Taubah if we haven’t already been doing that and start doing that before it is too late and before the virus of being self opinionated destroys us.

May Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala save all of us from this, Inshallah .

⁠—Hadhrat Maulana Arif Umar (Daamat Barakaatuhum)

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