How to Make Dua Taught By Hadhrat Rumi (rahimahullah)

Hadhrat Maulana Rumi Rahmatullahi Alayh is says, 

اے اللہ میرے ہاتھ پر شراب عاتشی شراب محبت و معرفت رکھدیجیے 

Ee Allah mere haath par sharaab e aatishi sharaabe Mahabbat wa Ma’rifat rakhdijiye 

‘Ya Allah put in my hand the drink of Muhabbat (love) and Ma’rifat…’

یعنی اپنی محبت کا ایک ذرہ درد ہماری جان میں ڈال دیجیئے 

Ya’ni apni Mahabbat ka ek zarra e Dard hamaari jaan me daal dijiye 

In other words, he is making Dua to Allah that,

 ‘Ya Allah, put inside us one part/ a piece of Your Dard (Your Ishq)…’

Zarra ذرة can be referred to ‘even an atom’s weight or a very small and minute particle.’

So it is like you are asking ‘Ya Allah, put in even an atom’s weight of Ishq inside my heart because even that goes a long way.’

This is the Power of the Ishq and the Love of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala.

پھر ہماری مستی و دیوانگی کا تماشا آپ دیکھئے 

Phir hamaari masti wa deewangi ka tamaasha aap dekhiye 

‘And then Ya Allah, look and see the scene of our ecstasy and madness.’

So he is making Dua to Allah, ‘Ya Allah…put in even one small part of Your Ishq inside our hearts and then Ya Allah look and see at the Haal of our ecstasy and how mad we become in Your Love…’

The Duas of the Awliyaa are Ajeeb (interesting)….what they ask Allah for.

These are the things we should be asking Allah for.

Think about it…

Have we ever made such a Dua in our entire lives?

Hadhrat Maulana Rumi Rahmatullahi Alayh is also teaching us how to make Dua. 

~Hadhrat Maulana Arif Umar (Daamat Barakaatuhum)

Note: Together with Dua, necessary effort is needed to attain the Ishq of Allah.

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