Moderation in Mujahada

Mujaahada is good when it is in moderation. Not all types of Mujahaada are good. The Mujaahada which is good is, the struggle which is required by our Shariat and by Allah  Subhanahu wa Ta’ala and that is Mujaahada which is in moderation. This is when guidance comes in. We need a guide above us to specify for us and explain to us the limits of moderation and to pull us away from extremism of both ends. Many people try to do Mujahada without any guidance. They try to do it on their own as unfortunately many people want to do it today. Although the vast majority of people inclined towards Deen are ready to turn to Allah and get into Deen but they are not ready to take guidance because taking guidance means to be under someone. It means subservience in some way or form. 

The Nafs cannot tolerate subservience. 

People are ready to incline towards Deen but the Nafs does not want to go into subservience. The ego is an extremely powerful force inside a human. In fact, most of those people are also being driven by the force of their ego and not anything else. The ego is the driving force. Even within Deen, what they are doing is based on the dictates of the ego because annihilation was not done. Annihilation means removing the ego from the way. People are not ready to be under someone. 

They say:

“Who are you to be above me? I cannot be under you. I cannot take guidance from someone.”

Why? Because again the Nafs is not ready. The Nafs has got a very high opinion of itself:

“I do it on my own. I do what I want to do. No one can tell me anything.”

We have reliance and E’timaad on our own opinion. We have very good opinions of ourselves. Even those who start to incline towards Deen and very, very slightly get into Deen, consider themselves on a very high level already. When this is the case then they are not ready to accept anyone above them. It is not what the Nafs wants. Accepting someone above them, does not give pleasure to the Nafs. It is Takleef for the Nafs because the Nafs always wants to be on top. The Nafs will rule, but will not allow it to be ruled. 

So a person is not ready to take guidance and to work under someone. 

Everyone is desirous and at a minimum they say, “with regards to myself, I am in a position of authority.” Whereas this goes totally against the concept of slavery. We are not independent beings, we are slaves. We are not free, so we cannot free ourselves. We are slaves and this is what we need to understand. We need to understand our reality as slaves regarding we are the lowest of all the slaves and we are Mohtaj. 

The biggest deception of shaytan and Nafs who work together is to remove the understanding from us regarding we are Mohtaj. In other words, for us not to consider ourselves Mohtaj, in need whereas we are all in need no matter how high a person goes and no matter who a person is – a person is always Mohtaj, in need for himself. Not for others, but for himself. 

We are all Mohtaj, we are all in need, is the one thing we can never ever forget and never lose sight of. It is so easy when we reach a certain point to feel that, it is other people who are Mohtaj and I am not Mohtaj. We are all Mohtaj no matter who it is. I am also Mohtaj, everyone is Mohtaj, everyone is in need. Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala brings conditions, Halaat in our lives sometimes to bring the Haqiqat and reality forward in front of us, regarding in this life of yours – you had forgotten you are Mohtaaj. I am not talking about physical Mohtaaji. I am talking about spiritual, Roohani Mohtaaji.

Now understand  you are Mohtaaj, not others. You are the one in need and not others. Do not look at others that they need. No, you need!! Shaytan does not allow us to think this way. The Nafs does not allow us to think this way. That is why many people lose out. So do not ever, forget this;

I am Mohtaaj. I am in need with regards to my Deen and with regards to my Ruhaaniyat, spirituality. I am in need, not others. I am in need.

When we will understand I am in need, then our whole outlook to life and what we are doing will change. Our efforts of Deen will also change because when a person makes an effort of Deen, considering other people to be in need then that person has already lost before he even started.

Although today people are involved in various Deeni efforts, the benefits which were there before regarding the changes and transformation and the heights of Wilaayat which used to be reached are not found. The reason is we do not consider ourselves to be Mohtaaj. We consider other people to be Mohtaaj. When we are doing Deeni efforts meaning, making effort on other people, etc. then we are doing it because we feel the other people are Mohtaaji, they are in need. They are not in need. The Qasm of Allah, they are not in need. They are not in need because Allah can bring other million people like us, who can do the same work. There is nothing special inside us.

They are not in need of us. We are in need.

We are in need. We are Mohtaaj. I am mohtaaj. This is what we need to understand. This is what we need to have in front of us all the time. You talk to someone about Deen, that can be anyone, on an individual basis, for example. You learn something here in our online class and you want to share it with someone. You want to tell someone else that this is what it is. Do it because you are in need, not because the person you are telling is in need. Do it with the Niyyat, that I am in need. Then you will benefit and Inshallāh, through that the other person will also benefit. But, first is you. This is what we forget. We feel like, now we have reached a certain level such that we can guide others and bring others to Deen, etc. We do it for them and we forget that, actually we are supposed to be doing it for ourselves and we are Mohtaaj.

When a person is going to understand he is Mohtaaj then he is going to take guidance. He is going to be ready to be under someone. When a person does not consider himself to be Mohtaaj in the first place then he considers himself to be independent, Mustaghni; “I do not need anyone. I will do it myself. I do not need anyone in this world.” ‘I do not need anyone’ is a statement that emanates from the Nafs, brought about by Shaitan. So we need guidance. Even in Mujaahada we need guidance, because when doing Mujaahada, a person can do too much. We have seen people who, because of not having guidance, ended up doing too much Mujaahada and going over the limit. As a result they lost even the basics which they had. They went so over the limit, they lost even the basics, because the Nafs gave up. For the Faraaidh also, the Nafs was not ready. 

That is why our Akaabireen say,

E’etedaal ki riaayat laazim hai.

For us to be always concerned regarding moderation is absolutely necessary. It is of paramount importance. 

This reality is conveyed very beautifully in a couplet by the famous Shaikh Sa’adi Shirazi Rahmatullahi Alaihi, a great Wali of Allah. He mentions a Faarsi couplet in Persian which roughly means; 

Do not eat so much that the food starts spilling out of the mouth. 

In other words do not fill yourself up so much , that you have filled your entire body, your entire stomach with food and it has come right up the neck and it is spilling from the mouth also. That is how much you have eaten. There is no space inside but the person is still eating. Do not eat so much. On the other hand, do not eat so less that your body becomes weak. 

This is moderation as far as eating is concerned, but it applies to everything. 


~Hadhrat Maulana Aarif Umar (Daamat Barakaatuhum)


*Taken from 28 February 2020 – Wusuillah: Moderation in Mujahada transcription

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