For Non Beginners: Understanding Mujahada Through Climbing Steep Hill Example

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيمِ

What about that person who is not a beginner anymore? He has already traversed and walked a certain distance on the path to Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala. The mistake which is commonly made is, in the beginning a person feels, he made the Mujaahada and now he has gone past the beginning. He has gone a distance and he is already on the road, so there is no need for Mujaahada. There is no need for him to make any effort and struggle – This is a very big mistake, because as soon as he stops making the Mujaahada, he will fall back to the beginning. He will lose all the progress he had made. If a person thinks, I have already walked a certain distance. I am no more a beginner now, so I can stop. The minute he stops everything starts to flood back and he wants to commit sin. Nafs becomes lazy in doing Ibadaat and it becomes strong calling towards sin because he stopped making the effort. Whereas the effort has to continue till the end. 

A very simple example to explain this is if you are climbing a steep hill with a car. To be able to climb the steep hill you will need to apply a constant amount of power. You will push down with your foot and apply a constant amount of pressure on the accelerator and the car will start going up and climb the steep hill. For that the petrol must burn, the accelerator must be pressed down, power and pressure must be applied for the car to begin its climb. If you sit with your car at the bottom of the hill and say, “I am just waiting for the car to be magically taken up the hill. I do not want to press down on the accelerator. It will go up on its own.” Such a person can wait until the day of Qiyamat and he is going to continue sitting at the bottom of that hill going nowhere without pushing down on the accelerator and applying any power on the car. The car is going to go absolutely nowhere. He will not climb the hill. He will never get to the top. To start off he has to press down on the accelerator. That is when the car will start climbing up the hill because it is steep hill. So, a lot of power is required as is not a flat surface. He starts climbing, reaches halfway and thinks, “I am already halfway up. I have already put so much power. How much petrol have I already burnt? All my petrol will finish. Since I am already halfway up the hill, I do not need to apply any more pressure on the accelerator. Bas. Hogaya. However much I put was enough. Now it will go on its own.” He then removes his foot from the accelerator. The car very quickly rolls back down the hill and ends up at the bottom of the hill where it started from. All his Mehnat (effort) and petrol is gone down the drain because he removed his foot from the accelerator halfway. 

He is back to square one and needs to start all over again.

If a person has been making the effort for some time and suddenly he stops thinking, it is enough then he is going to fall back because he has not reached the top yet. The only way the car can reach the top of the hill is when the person continues to keep the foot on the accelerator. He does not remove it and continues to apply constant pressure on the accelerator pedal. He continues to apply the same amount of power. It is not fast. Gradually the car will continue to climb up the hill until finally, it reaches the top. 

We can learn (from above example) is that, it (reaching top) does not happen immediately because the hill is steep. Although you will be applying a lot of pressure on the accelerator, the car is not going fast. Normally, if it was a flat surface and you were applying the same amount of pressure on the accelerator then the car would be literally flying and going very fast. Since you are going uphill, the gravity is working against you. That is why you are pressing down so much on the accelerator, yet the car is going very slowly up the hill. It is going, but it is going slowly. Therefore, even when the Mujahadah is being made, things are not going to happen overnight. We feel we are going to make some effort and overnight everything is going to change. Things will not happen overnight. It is gradual progress and gradual change. Not a sudden change. 

We need to understand that. 

When many people see they are not going very fast after several days, one week or one month has passed then they give up. They say, “we thought we were going to change in one day, but it doesn’t work like that.” The change and progress are gradual. We just have to keep the pressure on and we will be climbing gradually, but we have to be patient. The Mujaahada has to be constant. It cannot just be a once-off effort. Mujaahada continues for the entire life. If that is there, then his entire life, a person is progressing gradually and that is what we want. Therefore, changes will not happen overnight, such that a person starts making an effort to change himself and tomorrow he thinks, I have not changed, so just give up – This is what Shaitaan will come and tell us, “look, you made an effort yesterday. Look today, you are still in the same, exact place. Just give up as there is no point. This path is not for you. Just give up.” But we cannot give up. We need to understand, this is a gradual progress and a gradual change. It will take time. The effort has to be applied over a long period of time.

We cannot expect to make Mujahadah today and tomorrow is ease for us, thereby stop the Mujaahada. All of us are at different points on that hill. Some of us are right at the bottom of the hill, for example, myself who still needs to start climbing. Others have started climbing and they are a bit up. Some are higher up. Some are halfway. Some are quarter way. Some a third way. Some are three-quarter way. Some are almost at the top. Everyone is at a different point on that hill. We need to continue making the effort so that we can continue our progress on that hill.

At whichever point a person is on that hill, Mujaahada is required. 

A person could have made the effort to such an extent, that he has continued to press the accelerator and has now reached almost the top. Only a little bit is left. His car is almost at the top. Maybe the front tyre of the car is about to reach the peak of the hill and there he leaves the accelerator.

What will happen?

From there, he is going to roll down. He was almost there, just a little bit more effort was required and he stops. The person is going to come rolling back down. He will find himself, very quickly at the bottom of the hill. All the effort he made was wasted because he stopped doing the Mujaahada.

However, all is not lost.

As long as we are alive, we need to continue, even if the car comes rolling down. Do not worry! Start off the effort again. As long as you are making the effort, start off again. Do not stop the effort. Even if you slip and you come rolling back down the hill and now you are at the bottom of the hill, there is still hope.

Start off again do not worry!

The main thing is that we must continue to try to make the effort. This is what Mujaahada is all about. 

May Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala, grant all of us the Tawfeeq and the ability to be able to continue making an effort and continue making Mujaahada on ourselves with regards to our Deen, constantly, every moment of our lives and every breath of our lives. Until we take the last breath and leave this world, is when we can rest. Remember, there is no resting in this world from Mujaahada. It is when we take our last breath and when we leave this world, is when we can rest. Qabr is the place to rest and not this Dunya.

Qabr is the place to rest. In this Dunya, constant Mujaahada will be required. 

May Allah make it easy for all of us. May Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala grant us all the courage and the ability to do that Inshallāhu Ta’ala.

~Hadhrat Maulana Aarif Umar (Daamat Barakaatuhum)


-Taken from 19th Jumaadal Ukhra 1441H • 14th February 2020 Tarbiyat: Wusulillah – Mujahada

*This post is the second part of No Mujahada Mirage, please refer to the previous post if necessary.

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