Courage is Necessary for Islah

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Courage, Himmat, is very necessary for Islah. Without courage, Islah is not possible. A person must be courageous and brave. People feel that without exercising any courage, bravery, Mukhalafat of the Nafs, our Islah will occur on its own. The mentality of people is that, “we will not have to go through any bitterness, difficulty and inconvenience.” Generally speaking, they feel that, “Sote Sote Islah will take place.” It does not work like that. We have to make the effort and we have to face a bit of Mujahada, difficulty and bitterness. That is when we will get somewhere. This we know it works for worldly purposes as well that nothing is possible without going through some type of Takleef or the other.Deen is loftier than Dunya. Definitely, we will have to give something in order to get the Ta’alluq Ma’Allah. Hadhrat Maulana Shah Abrarul Haqq Hardoi Rahmatullahi Alaih going to explain in the Malfooz.

 He says, 

“One has to resort to courage for the Islah of the Nafs. One has to make a concerted resolve, Pakka Azam, an extremely firm Niyyat to abstain from whatever sins one is involved in. A person has to be brave and firm in order to make that Niyyat. He should be very determined so that when opportunities arise to commit a sin, where it is very easy for him to fall into it, but he uses his determination, his firm resolve not to commit the sin.”

Hadhrat Maulana Hakim Akhtar Sahib and all used to say,

“I will not commit a sin even though it may result in my life being lost.’’

When a person makes that firm resolve, then Inshaallah Gunahs (sins) will not be committed. Many times, the Gunahs, sins occur because of our weakness. Therefore, the Niyyat we made was shaky and wavers around. Thus, the temptation is too strong for that weak Niyyat to stand up to and the person is pulled towards it making him slip and fall. But when a person makes a firm intention, that no matter what happens, no excuses, no ifs and buts, even if my life goes, I will not commit this sin. Then it becomes easier to stay away from that sin. No temptation can move us from our firm stand. At the end of the day, the life is not lost either. The Nafs frightens us and uses scare tactics telling us, “if you are not going to commit this sin then you will die.’’ or, ‘’if you are not going to commit this sin, then your entire family will break relations with you, the Muashara, community or society will behave this way with you.’’ All of these are excuses that the Nafs gives and due to our Niyyat being weak, we get scared and give in. Therefore, we need to tell the Nafs that,

“I am ready for all of that because my Allah is greater than all of that. The Ridha and the pleasure of my Allah is greater than all of that. I have come here not to please people, I have come here to please Allah. I am ready for all that even if it means giving up my life. You (Nafs) are saying that through staying away from all of these my life will go, then let it go, no problem.’’

 When you are going to be firm, then you will be able to stay away from the sin and as I said, at the end of the day, the things which the Nafs was scaring us with, do not happen. Our life does not go. Generally speaking, staying away from sins will not make us lose our life. This is how firm we must be. That is the Himmat, bravery and courage which we need to use.

Below question was asked during the discussion

Q.  How does one ensure that the Niyyat is strong? Temptations and environment we are in is crazy.

A.  The Himmat/ courage. Many people say that they do not have the courage. That is a lie. That is totally wrong. Because if we do not have the courage then Allah would not have made it compulsory upon us to stay away from sins. The fact that Allah has ordained it upon us to stay away from sins means, that we have the ability to stay away from sins. It means that we have the necessary courage. It is there within us. It is just that we do not want to use it or we do not have the courage to use that courage.

How to use that courage?

It is just to step in. Just to take a step. Tawakkul Alallah.


A person goes swimming. The water is cold and he is feeling it difficult to go into the water. He puts his foot inside the water and immediately takes it out and says that the water is cold and that he cannot go in. If his foot is freezing then how will his body feel and how he will immerse his entire body in it as it is very cold.

But there is a way to do it and that is to just jump in!!! That is what you will have to do and the only thing to do although you will hesitate. In the beginning for a few seconds it will be difficult. You will get the shock and the jolt of the cold water. Once you jump and stay in the water for a few minutes your body will start getting used to it. Now you will not feel the water to be as cold as before and you start enjoying yourself. Then you will wonder why you hesitated. This is the psychology we use in going to a swimming pool. Exact same thing we have to do here as well.

We must make that Niyyat and simply jump into the pool of the love of Allah. In the beginning it is going to be difficult. People will force you, but do not worry as it is only for a very short time. It is only a test. Very soon you will start enjoying what you accomplished. Then you will look back and think to yourself, “Why was I hesitating? What was stopping me all this time? It is not as difficult as I thought.’’

This is what is necessary. That is how to build that courage. It is just do it; not to hesitate. Go ahead and jump into it.

Hadhrat Hardoi rahmatullahi alayh continues to say,

“when this level of resolve is resorted to, Allah’s Fadhl/ His Grace accompanies one.” 

When a person jumps in with that courage and has the firm resolve, then immediately Allah’s special help and kindness will come and accompany one. Allah will not leave us alone. His help is always there. All you have to do is take that first step. 

~Hadhrat Maulana Aarif Umar ( Daamat Barakaatuhum)


*Above post is extract from Malfoozat of Our Akabireen, conducted on 9 July, 2017

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