Consumerism and it’s Solution

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Consumerism is physically and literally like drugs. A person buys something new which he thought was a need and was going to give him happiness, and it takes him on a high; it intoxicates him for a few days. He is feeling very happy and exhilarated, but then gradually, the effect wears off. Now he needs another shot. He is looking for something else to take him on another high.

They do not realize it, but this is exactly what is happening; they have been sucked into the Fitna of consumerism, and that now becomes their Maqsad. The material things of his Dunya become their Maqsad. They are addicted to it. They are hooked on that high. It is a physical high, a physical intoxication, and a physical change takes place in the body which is very similar to taking drugs. When it brings them down again, they need another dose, so they go get something else. With every item they buy, they think, “This is what I need, and after this I will be happy. I do not need anything else.” It is just an endless cycle which keeps repeating itself over and over again until Maut. The person’s whole life spent this way. This person is not too different from one who is addicted to drugs. The concept is very much the same, the cycle is the same and the feelings the person gets are the same.

We are warriors and a warrior cannot become the victim. This is what is happening today, and it is destroying us. The enemy comes and destroys us because we are on a high, and we do not even know what is happening. Our children are taken by them. The people around us are taken by them. We ourselves are taken by them, and we do not even know. Gradually, internally, we start changing. Gradually, we see our A’maal are also changing. Our habits are changing. Our speech is changing. Our character is changing. Our Akhlaaq starts to change. How we deal with others starts to change. Everything starts to change gradually. This is the enemy, which is now coming through the open door, infiltrating and destroying us internally.

Therefore, we need to save ourselves. We need to snap out of this trance which we have been put in. We need to get rid of this addiction, because generally, most of us are addicted to this. We need to understand that this is not where our happiness and comfort lies, because in reality, physical comfort is not comfort. If you have all the means of physical comfort, but there is a fire inside your heart, then the Qasam of Allah, no means of physical comfort will give comfort. You will have the best of beds, food and everything, but you will still be Pareshaan, Bechein and restless because happiness and comfort comes from the heart and not from outside. This is what we need to realize.


Q. If I feel I need something which is not a necessity and then I control myself into not buying it, will I be saved from the addiction?

A. Inshallāh. This is what we have to do; we have to resist, and then gradually, it comes out of the system. This is what we need to do. We need to combat, pull.


~Hadhrat Ml. Aarif Umar (Damaat Barakaatuhum)


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