Very Important But Ignored Mas’alas

بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم

  • Salah : Stoping at Qawmah and Jalsah positions for the duration of  one Subhaana Rabbiyal Adheem

Today, forget any other Ibaadat, the most basic Ibaadat, Namaaz, has such a great lacking. It is so sad to see the attitude of the Muslim Ummah with regards to this greatest pillar of Islam. Regarding Namaaz, Nabi e Kareem Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam said, the difference between Muslims and the Kuffar, between Imaan and Kufr, is

ترك الصلاة
Tarkus Salaah

Leaving of Salaah

Look at our attitude today, the way we are performing our Namaaz! There is no desire to learn how to perform our Namaaz properly. How many mistakes we are making which are costing us our Namaaz? What will happen when people who have lived 60 or 70 years but have never bothered to go and learn? This is the mentality which has set in everyone. “I know how to pray Namaaz, why should I go and learn? My father, mother, grandfather taught me, why should I learn?” If a person is going to pray with this same mentality, and makes such a mistake which breaks his Namaaz, he will have no idea because he never went to learn. What will happen, when a person who lived 60-70 years in this world, passes away and goes in front of Allah Ta’ala, and is given his Naama e A’maal (Kitaab of deeds)? When he looks into it, he sees that not even one Namaaz has been recorded.

He asks Allah,

“Ya Allah, my whole life I performed Namaaz, but not even one has been recorded!”

He gets the answer,

“You performed Namaaz, but you never bothered to learn how to pray Namaaz. You performed Namaaz in such a way that it was not valid, it was not accepted.”

What will this person do? He cannot come back, there is no second chance. Where is he going to go, and who is he going to turn to? What regret and tears of blood there will be, but it will be too late. Therefore, the time is now respected brothers and sisters, to learn our Namaaz. Let us not feel shy to learn. Namaaz is also something to be learnt.

A simple example of a mistake which people generally make, which costs them their Namaaz, is the Mas’ala of two great postures in Namaaz which are most often ignored and treated very lightly. This is the posture of Qawmah (standing up after Rukoo’) and Jalsah (sitting between the two Sajdahs).

These are the two postures which people generally go through very quickly. The Mas’ala in the Hanafi Madhab for Qawmah and Jalsah is the same for Sajdah and Rukoo; it is Wajib (compulsory) for the entire body to come to a complete rest and stay still for the amount of time it takes to say; Subhaana Rabbiyal Adheem once. This means that if a person does not stop for this amount of time, then his Namaaz is gone. Because if you leave out a Waajib, your Namaaz is gone. For the Shafi’ee Madhhab it is even more strict – it is Fardh.

Observe the Namaaz of people; see how many people are stopping for that amount of time. This is a Mas’ala which is hardly known, and people’s Namaaz is breaking due to not taking care of this Mas’ala. This is why our beloved Sheikh, Maulana Fazlur Rahman Azmi (Damaat Barakaatuhum) (may Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala reward him and his efforts), made it his life’s mission to spread this Mas’ala in the entire world, so that the Namaaz of people could be saved.

He says,

“the reason people are doing this is, they do not have anything to recite in these postures, whereas there is a Sunnat Du’a to be recited which people are not aware of. Therefore, these Sunnat Duas should be learnt and recited.”

Just as Sub’haana Rabbiyal Adheem and Sub’haana Rabbiyal A’laa are Sunnat, this is also Sunnat which was recited by Nabi e Kareem Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam and the Sahaba Radhiallahu Ta’ala Anhum. Today, this Amal has gone from the Ummat. When we will recite this Du’a, then we will have to stop. When we stop, then the Namaaz is saved. We will get the Thawaab of Sunnah, and our Namaaz will be saved from being Naqis because when we leave out a sunnah in Namaaz, then that Namaaz becomes Naqis, faulty, thus less reward.

We should ask our Ulamaa e Kiraam about these Duaas. For Qawmah there are two Du’as; a person can read any one of them. For Jalsa, there is one Dua. They are very short Duas. We learn and practice Inshaallah. This is just one example and there are very many more such examples.

Duas for Qawmah and Jalsah


  • Muamalaat

After that (Salah), we have Muamalaat . This refers to our business and financial dealings. Business and finance must also be under the umbrella/ canopy of Shariat. We cannot do business and have financial dealings however we want.

Today, generally the business dealings of the Ummat are in total contravention of the Shariat, breaking the commands of Allah Ta’ala. Very many business practices which are widespread amongst our people are not permissible.


A person who is outwardly Deeni has a shop, but he sells his goods by lying just for the sake of gathering a few more shillings. When people come and ask him for a discount, he lies about the cost price. He makes the cost price much higher, just to make the person think, the business man is making a very small profit, and he cannot give discount.

If the seller does not want to give a discount it is fine, it is not Waajib for him to do that. But do not lie about the cost price and force the person into buying. The person needs that item, and is desperate to buy it, but we do not want to give a few shillings of discount because we want the extra profit for ourselves, and for that we lie about the cost price.

This is just one example and there are many others.

We need to consider;

  • is our business Halaal?
  • Is our income Jaaiz, is it Halaal?


~Hadhrat Ml. Aarif Umar (Daamat Barakaatuhum

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