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Ninth Malfuz

﷽ It has been narrated by Hadhrat Thanvi Rahmatullahi Alayh that, Hadhrat Thanvi Rahmatullahi Alayh had kept a certain thing in a certain specific place. Someone came and used that thing and then kept it somewhere else. Hadhrat Thanvi Rahmatullahi Alayh had to look for it and encountered a bit of difficulty and Takleef in looking … Continue reading Ninth Malfuz

Eighth Malfuz

﷽ Hadhrat Thanvi Rahmatullahi Alayh said, “Without Talab e Saadiq (true sincere Talab) and Khuluus (Ikhlaas), nothing can happen and neither can a person reach the desired destination which is the objective. It is these two things; • Talab e Saadiq (sincere Talab) • Khuluus  which make that work (those things which are outwardly difficult) … Continue reading Eighth Malfuz

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